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Eurocanarias Oftalmológica has been providing eye care since 1990. Our mission has always been to offer our patients the best possible service, so we’ve taken steps to employ the most highly trained staff and use the most advanced technology available. This has made us the leading ophthalmology clinic in the Canary Islands and one of the best in Spain. Our medical staff is made up of ophthalmologists specialising in all areas of clinical and surgical ophthalmology, so we can perform a complete evaluation of your eye health and make a firm diagnosis without having to refer you elsewhere for tests or surgery.

Eye diseases

We can diagnose and treat any eye disease and/or abnormality at our clinic.

Short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism

We can correct these refractive errors using laser technology; no aggressive techniques are required. We were early adopters of femtosecond laser technology for eye surgery in the Canary Islands. When combined with an excimer laser, this technique has been a huge step forward in the treatment of refractive errors, as it means a flap can be cut in the eye tissue without using a knife.

Treatment limitations in patients with more than one eye problem have also been significantly reduced, as the techniques used allow for combined treatment and better results. Our extensive experience in the use of implants to treat extreme short-sightedness also means that our patients can get rid of their glasses completely.

Cosmetic eye surgery

We are still the only ophthalmology clinic in the Canary Islands to provide Active FX laser technology to remove bags under the eyes, lift the upper eyelids, or improve the appearance of wrinkles or age spots around the eyes, without scarring and with a short recovery period.

Age-related long-sightedness

We also perform laser eye surgery with femtosecond and excimer lasers to treat patients over 40 who have problems with their near vision. Patients with pre-existing cataracts can opt for an intraocular lens implant, allowing them to see at different distances without needing glasses.


With femtosecond laser technology, our cataract surgery is safe, quick and accurate. Eurocanarias was an early adopter of this technique in the Canary Islands. We can fix cataracts and implant better lenses so that patients can get rid of their glasses completely.


Treatment of this corneal abnormality has seen the greatest advances, as up until a few years ago it could only be fixed with a cornea transplant. Today, depending on how advanced the keratoconus is, we can treat it using cross-linking or intracorneal ring segment implants, and safe, accurate femtosecond laser technology.

Tear ducts

Using sophisticated diagnostic equipment, we can assess the quality, quantity and distribution of tears. Our skilled professionals use the information collected to reach a diagnosis in patients with tear duct problems.

Vitreoretinal diseases

This area of ophthalmology covers a wide range of different diseases affecting the back of the eye. It is a speciality that is growing rapidly thanks to the development of new clinical and surgical methods, allowing firm diagnoses to be made and specific treatments prescribed. New medical treatments mean that surgery is required in fewer cases, and many patients with damage to the retina or degeneration of the back of the eye can now have their sight saved when before it was impossible.In surgical cases, by using incisions less than one millimetre long, we have significantly reduced postoperative discomfort.


At Eurocanarias, we can provide all the latest treatments for every type of glaucoma, including micro-surgery with new implants that reduce or eliminate the need for drug treatment.

Our staff

Speak several languages.

Arrangements with insurance companies

We work with all spanish insurance companies and with some international insurances.

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